Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February Yarn Along

It seems like I've really been in the mood to knit lately.  I finished both sweater for my granddaughters.

 Top sweater is actually a shrug style for Avery and the bottom one is a waist length for Emma.  They fit them so perfectly.  I can't wait to deliver them this coming weekend!!!


Now I'm back to my old standby, socks! I don't know what it is about knitting socks but it's so relaxing and it seems that even a complicated pattern goes rather quickly.  Now that I said that, I just hope I keep motivated and finish the 3 pairs I have started.

Hyacinth Socks

 Pythagoras Socks and the book I'm reading

I love the monthly knitalongs on Ravelry's Sock Knitters Anonymous group.  I haven't really participated for awhile but decided to work on 2 of my socks for the month of February which has one criteria of using an 'under appreciated' pattern.  So that's what I'm working on for SKA. 

Then I started another pair of Monkey's by Cookie A. because that is definitely my go to pattern for socks. I've knitted several pairs for my older sister and so although I don't have any Monkey's for me, I decided to start a pair.  We'll see who ends up with

Monkeys by Cookie A.

As for the book I'm reading, I'm still working on The Water Lily Cross by Anthony Eglin.  I love his writing and his very descriptive style.  I'm a real mystery lover, especially the cozy mysteries so this book is great.  I started it over a year ago then put it aside to read other things.  Now I'm back at it and only have a couple of chapters left.  Can't believe I ever put it down to start with.  Good book!

Thanks Ginny for hosting such a fun weekly event.  I may not be here every week but I know I look forward to everyone's posts and project pics.

Have a great day!

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